Best Mental Health Provider Tempe AZ, 2022

Elite Treatment Center

For the betterment of self and mental wellness, the Leading Ladies are the go-to Outpatient Treatment and Counseling Service for Maricopa County and all of Arizona, with two locations in Tempe and Mesa! Comprehensive and compassionate, every member of our in-house trained staff is prepared to work with our patients and guide them through a variety of consent-based treatment routines to help them achieve their goals. From recovery support to reintegration, the Leading Ladies marshal years of experience to help you confront your demons and find the courage to advance at your own pace.

Treatment & Counseling Services

Every person who has grappled with the stigma and complications of mental illness and emotional distress know that the path to wellness is a long one. There are many stops and detours along the way, and sometimes a rest is needed. All services are outpatient and consent based; you are only with us so long as you wish to be. Check below and see if we can help:

Incarceration & Sober Living Reintegration

Individual & Group Family Counseling

Recovery Support Counseling

Self-Help & Peer Support Services

Job Training & Employment Support

Anger Management Counseling

Individual Therapy

Why Leading Ladies

Growth and improving one’s life can only come when patience and care are in ample supply. Anyone hoping to overcome abuse, depression, mental illness, or recovery issues will have a much easier time doing when they have a strong support network. Leading Ladies to Live provides that network with a professional veneer and structured environment built on community support and celebrating successes. We serve patients from all walks of life and are known for our broad support of the Native American community. When you ask for our help, you access all the support, strength, and compassion of our professional staff and patient community.